Having a new smartphone is an ideal way to keep yourself up to date with the evolving iPhone features. Many people will sell their old phones and buy new ones that are offering more features, improved performance, and look attractive. Of course, as you use your phone, it will reach a point where it has developed ugly scratch marks and does not impress you anymore. While you may have the opportunity to replace the phone with a new one, there are people out there who wish they had the used one simply because they cannot afford the pricier new iPhones. A very important thing you will need to do before you can sell your iPhone is to back it up. But, how do you go about this? Here are a few places where you can back up the data in your smartphone.

iCloud backup

The easiest way to store the data in your phone is by using iCloud application. This can be accessed through your phones Settings app. This method is as easy as just flipping a switch. In case you have Wi-Fi connectivity, the process begins instantly, and you don’t even need a computer. The only downside is that it could take some hours before you upload the data on iPhone to cloud.

Also, you will need to pay some monthly fee so that Apple hosts the data in iCloud. The cost of backing up in iCloud before you sell your iPhone may be determined by the size of the data— the more the storage needs, the higher you may pay. However, it will cost you only a few dollars per month for the service, which may be worth it considering the importance of the data.

Syncing the iPhone with iTunes

iTunes provides another option for backing up your data. There are two ways you can do this. First, you can plug the phone into a PC or second, you may sync over Wi-Fi connection. However, in case you have not synced the iPhone over the Wi-Fi in the pasts, you may want to know that it can take pretty as long as backing up using iCloud.Using Wi-Fi may be useful if you cannot find your phone’s cable. Look for guidelines on how to set up Wi-Fi syncing process.

Use your PC

In case you are not up to backing up your data using iTunes and iCloud, you may opt to go for PC backup. You simply need to copy over the apps and settings or you may select “Encrypt iPhone backup” to achieve a more comprehensive archive, which allows you to save your passwords and some other sensitive information. You may even use one or more backup methods in case of any trouble with one process.

Backing up your iPhone’s data will ensure that you don’t lose important information that you need to use when you buy a new phone after you sell your iPhone. It can save you all the troubles of having to lose data you have stored in your old phone.

How To Back Up Data Before You Sell Your iPhone

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