Most people that go online looking for used iphones are normally looking for a great phone but are under a tight budget. Therefore, if you are wondering; where can i sell my iphone, you need to approach the sale from the point of view that you are convincing a person that can choose other brands to go for apple. One of the major cheaper alternatives when it comes to cells is android operated models. In order to make a sale of your used device, you may need to tell the buyer why it is better than android. Here are some points that you will find very convincing.

Battery life

If you have listened to most people that use android operated devices, especially the main Apple competitor, the thing they just can’t stand is the poor battery life of those gadgets. Most complain that the battery will go for up to a day and two when the gadget is new. However, a few months into using the gadget, the battery life will fall apart completely and it will take an hour or two for the battery to discharge and the phone to shut down. Mention this to potential buyers and they will be more willing to have a look at the apple model.

Generally, apple devices are created with the highest regard to battery life. The best technology goes into the making of the adapters and the batteries themselves. It has also been established that apple gadgets will have fewer instances of exploded batteries and ruined adapters than their android counterparts. Buying apple consequently means safety for the consumer.


When making a listing on where can i sell my iphone sites, you need to point out to potential sellers that phones will always contain important personal information that should not be compromised no matter what. With the iphone, you will have a fingerprint sensor that makes it impossible for other people to access your phone one it is locked. On the other hand, not many android devices have this option. There are some with a face recognition software but it is not as effective.


Most people find this a very important feature in a cell. Well, when it comes to comparison of the cameras, there are some good android cameras, but most are awful. On the contrary, from the series 4 of the iOS operated gadgets, you will not find one with a camera resolution of less than 8 mega pixels. On the other hand, getting a great camera from android phones needs a lot of searching.

These are the things to discuss on the where can i sell my iphone discussions. When you inform potential customers about the features of the gadgets they are considering, they will trust your opinion and making a sale will be simpler for you.

Where Can I Sell My iPhone; Advice on Convincing Buyers

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