A majority of people are crazy about the newest Apple smartphones because they got a host of features. After owning smartphones for a while, people would want to dispose them of and obtain new ones. A new version of iPhone provides you with features that edge it out from other competitor devices in the market. In case I want to sell my iPhone 4, there are things I will need to do that can cap the price high.

Unlock the device

While you may want to sell your iPhone, if it is not unlocked, you may not get a high price. Having an unlocked smartphone allows the new user to decide which carrier they want to engage with. That’s why you find many people are going for iPhone devices that have been unlocked. It is one smart way of increasing the chances of having many buyers or even capping up the price to a greater amount. Simply said— it increases the resale value of your phone.Clean up the casing and body

The iPhone you are selling needs not only be clean on inside but also on outside. Whether the phone is in good condition or has survived a hard life, I would consider giving it a facelift by just cleaning it. It will allow me sell my iPhone 4 easily and genuinely.

Wipe it down using some damp cloth ensuring all the lint, oil, stain, dirt, and debris or fingerprints are nowhere to be seen.  Examine the ports and seams to ensure the dirt that tends to collect there is all removed. This is true especially if you need to take photos or want it to appear as good as it works.

The impression the phone gives to potential buyers from its outside look may mean something about its price. When taking photos of the iPhone, ensure you handle it with a lot of care. Also ensure there is good lighting to that the photo appears vividly clear with sharp images.

You just want to show how the phone looks and nothing dramatic about it. Even if your phone has nicks or scratches, ensure you show them in the photo— because you have to do an honest sale.

Have the cables and cases in place

When selling an iPhone, include things like the 30-pin Dock cable or the lightning, AC adapter, and original box, if you have it. This will ensure you have an edge over other iPhone sellers. And, if by any chance you have some accessories that you might no longer need them such as iPhone cases, add them to the package.You will be able to make the deal sweeter. You will also be decluttering your home too. Set all those things in the box ready to ship. I would surely do this if I want to sell my iPhone 4. With these few iPhone selling tips, you are rest assured that you will get a good deal.

The most important thing is to be honest with your product. You don’t want buyers to raise an alarm from the iPhone they buy because they may complicate the process and probably lose the deal or ask for refunds.

Little Known Tips To Help Sell My iPhone 4 At A Higher Price

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