Things You Must Know Before Selling Your iPhone

The iPhone is most likely one of the greatest results of the previous decade. It was the first telephone to bounce on to the advanced cell temporary fad and it presented a variety of diverse elements that were already obscure to most. Thus, it rapidly rose to the highest point of the business and turned into a gigantic hit in the business. The iPhone 4 and 4s were additionally significant hits in the business, and sold a large number of units.

Be that as it may, the iPhone 5 and the 5S were significant enhancements over their ancestors, including all the more effective processors, better cameras and considerably more critically, a bigger screen size. Presently, as is known not, the iPhone is a really costly item. Encased in premium metal and other fine items, this is an item that retails at an extremely costly cost. Thus, a great many people aren’t exceptionally ready to toss their iPhones simply like that. Rather, they are auctioning off their iPhone 4 and additionally 4S keeping in mind the end goal to produce accounts to purchase the more up to date models.

Security Protection

The iPhone coordinates profoundly with the majority of your web records, for example, Facebook, Gmail, Outlook and different others. The vast majority even utilize PayPal and different applications on it to exchange reserves, which implies that the iPhone naturally keeps a great deal of your data helpful. Consequently, before you auction your telephone, the above all else thing that you have to do is to ensure that you tidy it up completely. It is vital to evacuate every single individual photograph, messages, any remaining information that may be available on the telephone before you hand it over to the purchaser.

On the off chance that you neglect to do as such, individuals are prone to utilize your photos, messages, instant message numbers and even your contacts keeping in mind the end goal to annoy them. A great many people trust that simply erasing data off their telephone is sufficient, however it is definitely not. Data that has been erased off your iPhone can be recuperated the length of the same bunches on the iPhone’s hard drive have not been utilized as of now.

So as to uproot all related individual data, you have to do the accompanying things with a specific end goal to secure your protection:

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In the first place, you must uproot your SIM card. The SIM card can be utilized as a part of your new telephone furthermore it incorporates all your critical contacts.

Second, you ought to utilize the ‘Default Erase Setting’ on your telephone to clear all information. You can do as such just by Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings.

Third, as it said over, The Default Erase alternative is intended to clear your telephone totally and to make it in the same class as new from within. Then again, your information can even now be recuperated by some individual who uses refined programming projects. This implies you have to make utilization of an expert programming project like PhoneClean or SafeEraser on the off chance that you wish to for all time expel the information from your iPhone 4 or 4S.

Money Burglary

Individuals can utilize your record so as to take data, make buys and even access your financial balance data, making a noteworthy trade off. The most exceedingly awful part is that they won’t even need to embed a watchword, as the iPhone spares passwords naturally. Hefei Newspaper in China reported that individuals utilized Alipay connected with the lost iPhone to run out all the cash about RMB 300,000 in the proprietor’s card. So before offering your iPhone, you ought to delete all information and check all your ledgers that you have ever utilized on your iPhone. And afterward impair all financial balance related settings.

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How To Back Up Data Before You Sell Your iPhone

Having a new smartphone is an ideal way to keep yourself up to date with the evolving iPhone features. Many people will sell their old phones and buy new ones that are offering more features, improved performance, and look attractive. Of course, as you use your phone, it will reach a point where it has developed ugly scratch marks and does not impress you anymore. While you may have the opportunity to replace the phone with a new one, there are people out there who wish they had the used one simply because they cannot afford the pricier new iPhones. A very important thing you will need to do before you can sell your iPhone is to back it up. But, how do you go about this? Here are a few places where you can back up the data in your smartphone.

iCloud backup

The easiest way to store the data in your phone is by using iCloud application. This can be accessed through your phones Settings app. This method is as easy as just flipping a switch. In case you have Wi-Fi connectivity, the process begins instantly, and you don’t even need a computer. The only downside is that it could take some hours before you upload the data on iPhone to cloud.

Also, you will need to pay some monthly fee so that Apple hosts the data in iCloud. The cost of backing up in iCloud before you sell your iPhone may be determined by the size of the data— the more the storage needs, the higher you may pay. However, it will cost you only a few dollars per month for the service, which may be worth it considering the importance of the data.

Syncing the iPhone with iTunes

iTunes provides another option for backing up your data. There are two ways you can do this. First, you can plug the phone into a PC or second, you may sync over Wi-Fi connection. However, in case you have not synced the iPhone over the Wi-Fi in the pasts, you may want to know that it can take pretty as long as backing up using iCloud.Using Wi-Fi may be useful if you cannot find your phone’s cable. Look for guidelines on how to set up Wi-Fi syncing process.

Use your PC

In case you are not up to backing up your data using iTunes and iCloud, you may opt to go for PC backup. You simply need to copy over the apps and settings or you may select “Encrypt iPhone backup” to achieve a more comprehensive archive, which allows you to save your passwords and some other sensitive information. You may even use one or more backup methods in case of any trouble with one process.

Backing up your iPhone’s data will ensure that you don’t lose important information that you need to use when you buy a new phone after you sell your iPhone. It can save you all the troubles of having to lose data you have stored in your old phone.

Where Can I Sell My iPhone; Advice on Convincing Buyers

Most people that go online looking for used iphones are normally looking for a great phone but are under a tight budget. Therefore, if you are wondering; where can i sell my iphone, you need to approach the sale from the point of view that you are convincing a person that can choose other brands to go for apple. One of the major cheaper alternatives when it comes to cells is android operated models. In order to make a sale of your used device, you may need to tell the buyer why it is better than android. Here are some points that you will find very convincing.

Battery life

If you have listened to most people that use android operated devices, especially the main Apple competitor, the thing they just can’t stand is the poor battery life of those gadgets. Most complain that the battery will go for up to a day and two when the gadget is new. However, a few months into using the gadget, the battery life will fall apart completely and it will take an hour or two for the battery to discharge and the phone to shut down. Mention this to potential buyers and they will be more willing to have a look at the apple model.

Generally, apple devices are created with the highest regard to battery life. The best technology goes into the making of the adapters and the batteries themselves. It has also been established that apple gadgets will have fewer instances of exploded batteries and ruined adapters than their android counterparts. Buying apple consequently means safety for the consumer.


When making a listing on where can i sell my iphone sites, you need to point out to potential sellers that phones will always contain important personal information that should not be compromised no matter what. With the iphone, you will have a fingerprint sensor that makes it impossible for other people to access your phone one it is locked. On the other hand, not many android devices have this option. There are some with a face recognition software but it is not as effective.


Most people find this a very important feature in a cell. Well, when it comes to comparison of the cameras, there are some good android cameras, but most are awful. On the contrary, from the series 4 of the iOS operated gadgets, you will not find one with a camera resolution of less than 8 mega pixels. On the other hand, getting a great camera from android phones needs a lot of searching.

These are the things to discuss on the where can i sell my iphone discussions. When you inform potential customers about the features of the gadgets they are considering, they will trust your opinion and making a sale will be simpler for you.

Where Can I Sell Old iphone?

The great thing about apple products is that they keep getting better every few years. Just when you think that we have reached the highest point in the development of clever apps that make our lives and interactions with cells easier, apple surprises us with some more. In case you have acquired a new cell model, and you are wondering how to sell old iPhone, here are some tips that will be of great help to you.

Decide how much you want to give it for

There is one thing that you need to understand about the pricing of old cells, because they aren’t the latest thing in the market, they cannot cost as much as they did when you bought them. There are also other factors that will determine how much you should ask for your cell. These include:

  • The length of time that you have been using the cell.
  • The physical condition of the cell.
  • The potential people you want to sell the cell to.
  • How fast you need the cell sold.

If you have been using your cell for a period that does not exceed a year, and it is in great condition, you will have an easy time convincing people when you decide to sell your iPhone it at a good cost. On the other hand, if the cell looks worn out and has chipped glass and edges, you aren’t likely to collect much on it. As a trick, you should make any necessary repairs to your cell before you put it up for sale.

The other thing that determines the price tag you will put on your cell is the potential customers you have in mind. If you are going to put it up on a bidding website, you have to be ready for a not so favorable sale on the cell. On the other hand, when you find the right website to handle your sale, you are likely to negotiate for more.

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Another determiner of the cost when you want to sell old iPhone is how fast you need to get the cell off your hands. When you aren’t planning to use the money from the sale of the cell soon, it is easy to allow it to just sit as you wait for a good buyer. However, if you have a money emergency and you need to dispose of the phone as soon as possible, you will have to think about taking bids that are lower than your ideal cost. In order to get a great deal at short notice, you have to ensure that you have advertised well. Take clear photos of the product, make sure you have its accessories and when you showcase the product, people will be drawn to it. Also, you have to be very attentive and friendly when people start calling to ask about the product. Do not say anything that could potentially put off a good customer.

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Little Known Tips To Help Sell My iPhone 4 At A Higher Price

A majority of people are crazy about the newest Apple smartphones because they got a host of features. After owning smartphones for a while, people would want to dispose them of and obtain new ones. A new version of iPhone provides you with features that edge it out from other competitor devices in the market. In case I want to sell my iPhone 4, there are things I will need to do that can cap the price high.

Unlock the device

While you may want to sell your iPhone, if it is not unlocked, you may not get a high price. Having an unlocked smartphone allows the new user to decide which carrier they want to engage with. That’s why you find many people are going for iPhone devices that have been unlocked. It is one smart way of increasing the chances of having many buyers or even capping up the price to a greater amount. Simply said— it increases the resale value of your phone.Clean up the casing and body

The iPhone you are selling needs not only be clean on inside but also on outside. Whether the phone is in good condition or has survived a hard life, I would consider giving it a facelift by just cleaning it. It will allow me sell my iPhone 4 easily and genuinely.

Wipe it down using some damp cloth ensuring all the lint, oil, stain, dirt, and debris or fingerprints are nowhere to be seen.  Examine the ports and seams to ensure the dirt that tends to collect there is all removed. This is true especially if you need to take photos or want it to appear as good as it works.

The impression the phone gives to potential buyers from its outside look may mean something about its price. When taking photos of the iPhone, ensure you handle it with a lot of care. Also ensure there is good lighting to that the photo appears vividly clear with sharp images.

You just want to show how the phone looks and nothing dramatic about it. Even if your phone has nicks or scratches, ensure you show them in the photo— because you have to do an honest sale.

Have the cables and cases in place

When selling an iPhone, include things like the 30-pin Dock cable or the lightning, AC adapter, and original box, if you have it. This will ensure you have an edge over other iPhone sellers. And, if by any chance you have some accessories that you might no longer need them such as iPhone cases, add them to the package.You will be able to make the deal sweeter. You will also be decluttering your home too. Set all those things in the box ready to ship. I would surely do this if I want to sell my iPhone 4. With these few iPhone selling tips, you are rest assured that you will get a good deal.

The most important thing is to be honest with your product. You don’t want buyers to raise an alarm from the iPhone they buy because they may complicate the process and probably lose the deal or ask for refunds.